Tuscan Taste

Sour Beer. Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple

Introducing a new addition to our Sour Beer selection: “Raspberry Strawberry Coconut Ripple”!

This beer pours a delightful pink to light raspberry red hue, crowned with a generous, foamy head that maintains its pretty, light pink color. The aroma is brimming with fruitiness, offering an initial burst of strawberry and coconut notes, followed by the subtler presence of raspberries. As for the taste, it mirrors the aromatic profile, with the addition of a pleasantly tart and sour undertone. The strawberry compote and coconut flavors take the forefront, supported by the raspberries. It strikes a balance between sweet, tangy, and sour, with a fine carbonation that transitions into a slightly dry finish. This sour beer is undeniably distinctive and a must-try for enthusiasts.

Pair this gourmet beer with a platter of cheeses and salami for an exceptional tasting experience!

There’s more of a tart, sour base to it here—the strawberry compote & coconut flavors dominate with the raspberries. It’s not overly sweet; rather, it offers a tart, sour note at the end, with finely carbonated and slightly dry characteristics. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a unique sour beer.

Certainly, a gourmet beer to accompany with a platter of cheeses and salami!


Find Tuscan Taste Florence in Via Romana 41R
in Florence’s Oltrarno, between Piazza Pitti and Boboli Gardens.

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