Wine blending class in Florence with 3 wines


Get ready to elevate your wine tasting experience to the next level! Our interactive wine blending experience is unlike any other, where you’ll create your own custom tuscan wine blend complete with a personalized label and a bottle to take home. This isn’t your average wine tasting – it’s a hands-on journey through the art of wine blending technique, guided by our wine expert . Are you ready to blend, bottle, and label your very own masterpiece? Book your wine blending class now!

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2.3 hour
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Wine blending with 3 wines

Enjoy tasting the wines that gave life to the concept of Supertuscan and Bolgheri and to the art of blending, but don't limit yourself to this! …expand your knowledge and horizons and make your own bottle of wine!

As if you were in a "winemaking laboratory" you can create your own blend using great wines such as Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese and Cabernet.

This interactive workshop in the center of Florence is much more than wine tasting. It is about putting your "personality in the bottle" ... Blend, taste, correct ... remix, add and create!
Learn while having fun, taste, select and then take home your bottle with the label customized by you!
Immerse yourself in the culture of wine, learn the terminology, sharpen your sense of smell and your taste buds.
Find out how to read an Italian wine label so you can be sure you will purchase exactly what you are searching for.

- You will be welcomed by your Personal Wine Expert
- Introduction to the Tuscan wine characteristics
- Taste the varieties of wines
- Make your blend
- Cork your bottle
- Customize your label
- Enjoy!

This will give you an idea of how many courses to expect and its variety:
1. Starter · TASTING the WINE
Analysis of the wine, colour, perfumes, aromas, acidity, tannins..
2. Starter · Mixology
start making your bland
3. Starter · Prepare your bottle
Prepare your marble using the mix you created
4. Starter · Seal the bottle with a cork
Use the old manual system to seal your bottle with cork
5. Starter · Final touch: the sealing wax
Dip the cork in the lacquer to give the final touch to your bottle
6. Starter · Labeling
Apply your label