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Italy is world-renowned for its unparalleled number of native grape varieties, a treasure trove that translates into an almost infinite variety of top-tier wine productions. Our selection of premium wines offers a unique opportunity to dive into the best of this tradition, giving enthusiasts the chance to taste some of the most outstanding Italian creations. Among the jewels of our wine culture, we feature Barolo, Brunello,  Amarone, and Franciacorta—true heritages that narrate the story, the land, and the Italian passion for wine. The chance to not only savor these masterpieces but also understand their nuances through the expert guidance of our sommelier will make your experience unforgettable, enriching it with knowledge and appreciation for the art of winemaking. At the heart of our philosophy is respect for the product, the producer, and nature. We partner with small vintners who, with dedication and love for the land, gift us with wonderful nectars each year. These producers, true guardians of ancient knowledge, follow sustainable practices that not only ensure the superior quality of their wines but also contribute to the protection of the landscape and biodiversity.

We invite all wine lovers to join us on this sensory journey to discover and celebrate the hidden treasures of Italian viticulture together. Each glass encapsulates a story, a land, and the passion of those who dedicate themselves daily to crafting these exclusive nectars. Your experience with us will be a journey of discovery, tasting, and deep understanding of wine, enriched by the expertise and enthusiasm of our sommelier.
The tasting will be accompanied by crackers, bread-sticks, and water.

Available at 16:00 and 18:00
Charcuterie board EUR 15 per person
For different times or private tastings, please send a request

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45 minutes
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Wine tasting for courious
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